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The debut, full length album by Bamboo Diet.

Bamboo Diet emerged in Montreal from the disintegration of various late night jamspace bands in the city's vast and dirty network of sketchy pay-by-the-hour pads and metalhead superstructures. History has kept bassist Desmond Joanes and drummer André Garant in co-existance in each other's musical orbits throughout the years; enter Terence Boisvert on guitar as the perfect third angle. After two years of a strict composition workshop style streak emerges Bamboo Diet's first offering in the form of a full length album, DSM-VI.

Debut album from Montreal’s BAMBOO DIET, DSM-VI is a futureproof manifesto of post-apocalyptic dementia and its subsequent violent treatments. The music was written over a two year period under the thick and pungent clouds of breweries and factories of the Montreal waterfront, and the resulting oeuvre is a fittingly paranoid statement on both music and its damaged psyche. Under glowing sheets of sound, courtesy of Terence Boisvert’s undulating and scintillating waves of reverb-drenched guitar, lies the obsessively interlocking work and aggression of Desmond Joanes’ bass and André Garant’s drums, destined to be one of the most rewarding rhythm sections working in music today. DSM-VI is relentless in its propulsive attack. Epic closer “A Lesson in Cold Conditions” is Bamboo Diet’s signature piece, encompassing the breadth of scope this band is getting known for; a dizzying array of post-hardcore riffage, noise rock textures and psychedelic progressive vocabulary, played with as much precision as abandon. A heavy and concise debut statement from the future of rock music in Montreal.

Artist: Bamboo Diet
Title: DSM-VI
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Indie
Style: Psychedelic / Progressive Rock / Punk
Release Date: July 30, 2010

01. The Yellow Wallpaper
02. Trazodone
03. Obakemono
04. Bonemeal
05. Autofanticide
06. A Lesson In Cold Conditions: Part I - Conscription
07. A Lesson In Cold Conditions: Part II - Orange Pulse
08. A Lesson In Cold Conditions: Part III - Divine Revelations
09. A Lesson In Cold Conditions: Part IV - Coda: Flickering Lights



released July 30, 2010

The album is produced by Bamboo Diet, recorded by Jean-Michel Dumas and mastered by Harris Newman.

Terence Boisvert on guitar and vocals and madness
Desmond Joanes on low-end theory
André Garant on percussive kung-fu



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Bamboo Diet Montréal, Québec

This is Bamboo Diet. We are from Montreal, Canada. Our music is loud, manic, spastic, progressive, and seemingly impossible to categorize. Call us noise rock, then. We adhere to the classic power trio format with much abandon and sweat. Feel free to listen to our music. It exists because it must, without compromise. ... more

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